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Q. What is Wasteland VOD?
A. Wasteland VOD (Video on Demand) is a collection of Wasteland.Com’s original BDSM / Fetish movies. We are also very happy to be able to bring you original movies from a couple of other producers, like Spanking Epics and Everyday Slaves. These movies can only be found on our websites and are not available any place else on the web. At Wasteland VOD you pay only once, download your movie. NO DRM. Once you purchase a movie, you own it and can view it as many times as you like.

Q. Do you have any HD movies?
A. Yes. There are quite a few HD movies available for purchase on the site. These are clearly labeled as “In High Definition” in the video description pages. Our full library of HD movies are only available on our site, Wasteland.Com, along with 6 other formats such as Ipod and mobile.

Q. What are tokens and how do I buy them?
A. Tokens are virtual currency, which you can purchase using your credit card. The more tokens you buy, the more you save, You can buy tokens by clicking here.

Q. Is this a membership site, will I be rebilled?
A. No, you only pay for what you want to watch / own. No membership fees, No recurring charges

Movie Formats

Q. What formats do your movies come in?
A. WMV (windows media)

Q. Some of my downloads are in .WMV format, and others are in .ZIP format.  What does this mean?
A. Some of the movies are “Zipped” if they are multi-part Windows Media Player files.  After you download a .ZIP file, simply “UnZip” it using with “WinZip” (PC) or “Stuffit Expander” (Mac).  All of the WMV files in that zip file will then be expanded into a new folder where you can view them.  If you get confused on this, please contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how to do this simple procedure.

Q.. I’m on a Mac. Do Windows Media movies play on Quicktime?
A. There is a great program called “flip4mac“, it’s free to download and all your viewing issues will be a thing of the past, and Quicktime will then be able to play Windows Media movies.

Q. Downloads
A. When you download your movie, we suggest you save it to your desktop or a designated folder so you can find it later. No worries if you can’t, our system allows you up to 3 downloads of the same movie.

Billing Issues

Q. My Credit card was declined. Why?
A. There can be a number of reasons for this.

1/ Please put your street address first, not your apartment number
2/ Believe it or not, the most common issue we have is people mistyping their card number. Visa and Mastercard both have 16 digits, so remember to double check what you’ve typed in the field.
3/ We only accept Visa and Mastercard
4/ You’ve disputed a charge in the past
5/ Make sure your email address is correct

If none of the above applies to you, and your card is still being declined, please email us at We have found that it is usually something really simple and a little human intervention is all that is needed to fix the problem.

Q. How will my charge appear on my credit card statement?
A. We discreetly bill as “The Phoenix Group”

If you have any questions we haven’t answered here, please feel free to email us at

Wasteland, Inc / The Phoenix Group
P.O. Box 1138, W.Concord, MA 01742 603-465-9088