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The Chair.

We find Daisy Duxe restrained to a chair with medical restraints while Rob, her tender tormentor, circles her like a spider whose just caught a fly in it’s web. He starts with a wartenberg wheel on all of her soft spots, tantalizing her nipples, her inner-thighs and even her feet. He proceeds by cutting her tank-top around her nipples and continuing with the wheel and riding crop. Eventually when he bores of these simple tools he breaks out the magic wand and forces it’s pleasure upon her already wet pussy. He abuses her some more with various tools of his trade before cutting off her panties and duct-taping the magic wand to the chair holding it’s ability to turn any woman into a sexually depraved beast – and with Daisy Duxe, it’s vibrating head on her pussy is just too much. Rob takes out his cock and forces it down her throat, anytime she moans or stops her sucking even for an instant Rob gives her a high-voltage snap from the Tazapper, she quickly learns to diligently do her duty of servicing his big cock less she get more zaps. As she gets closer to orgasm she forgets more often, overcome with pleasure and each time quickly brought back to reality with the sharp zap of her Master’s electric zapper.

Run Time: 24 Minutes
Format: WMV HD

Cost: 11 Tokens


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